1.4 Billion

Indian Citizens

1.2 Billion

Mobile Users

800 Million

Internet Users

About India IGF

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a multistakeholder platform bringing together representatives from various groups, considering all to be at par to discuss public policy issues related to the Internet.

India, with more than 1.4 billion citizens, 1.2 billion mobile users, and 800 million Internet users, demonstrates the growing Internet culture in the country. E-Governance and National Security becomes of paramount importance in India, specially with enhanced cyber space.

India IGF (IIGF) will provide the ability to facilitate discussions between intergovernmental organisations, private companies, technical community, academic community and civil society organisations who are involved in Internet governance-related public policy issues.

This policy dialogue is carried out on a co-equal basis through open and inclusive processes. This mode of engagement is referred to as the multistakeholder model of Internet Governance, which has been one of the key reasons for the Internet’s success.

Theme of India IGF 2022

India Internet Governance Forum: Leveraging Techade for Empowering Bharat

This decade has been identified as a period where technology is the key driver for growth and development of the country. While urban India has benefited from technology, rural India or Bharat is still to reap the benefits. The different stakeholders, governments, business, technical community, and civil society need to work together to achieve this transition.

Pre IIGF Events 2022

Virtual Training Programme on Universal Acceptance (UA) Readiness
1st Student Internet Governance Forum (SIGF) Conference
Voice Based Internet for Indian Requirements
Interactive Session with Mr Jia-Rong Low, ICANN on “Multilingual Internet and Universal Acceptance"

9th-11th December 2022

Virtual Edition










High Level Panels




Fireside chats

Sub-themes for Discussion

We are here to debate on Internet Governance issues

Fostering Digital Innovation towards economic progress

Public Digital Platforms

Trust, Security, Stability, Sustainability

Reaching the unreached

Building Trust, Resilience, Safety & Security (TRUSS)

Internet Regulation