Internet Regulation

There is a growing need for updating the current internet regulation in India, which is more than two decades old. To this end, the Government of India has stated that a new Digital India framework will replace the Information Technology Act, 2000. There is no doubt that any new framework on internet regulation will play an important role in leveraging India’s techade. In addition, the fast adoption of internet technology due to COVID has posed both new challenges and opportunities, and with various offline services going online. In this context, a multi-stakeholder approach is needed to ensure an open, safe & trusted, and accountable internet and further discussion may be held on:

  • Principles for internet regulation and platform governance; 
  •  Freedom of speech and expression online; 
  •  Addressing online harms and content regulation; 
  • Ease of doing business; 
  • Antitrust and  digital markets 
  • Regulatory framework for emerging technologies. 
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Right to access self information and to correct it
  • Responsible AI